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Capellini - Pasta Portoghese


This kind of shape is the most thin of the long, circular pastas. The recommended sauces are simple: all pairings with butter are wonderful, like butter and cheese or butter infused with sage and cheese. Another way to best taste the Cappellini is in a light broth-based soup. You can use also for any type of baked pasta.

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Spaghettini - Pasta Portoghese


Spaghettini are a form that come from Southern Italy. They are round with an inferior thickness with respect to the more famous Spaghetti. Particularly delicious and appropriate for this form are both hot or cold sauces with a tomato base, vegetables, EVOO, garlic, crushed red pepper and anchovies or also with a seafood sauce.

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Spaghetti - Pasta Portoghese


The celebrated form of Spaghetti was born in Southern Italy and overtime has become the symbol of Italian pasta around the world. Typically, Spaghetti are a round, long form noodle that can be served with hot or cold sauces with a tomato base, vegetables and herbs. They are also excellent with a spicy sauce like garlic, oil and crushed red pepper or a seafood sauce.

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Spaghettoni - Pasta Portoghese


The Spaghettoni are the larger, thicker variation of the classic spaghetti and are particularly suitable for dishes with strong flavors or recipes that require the pasta to be tossed in the pan. Excellent with zucchini flowers, lamb sauce, chicken or shellfish.

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Spaghetti alla Chitarra - Pasta Portoghese

Spaghetti alla Chitarra

Originally from Abruzzo, Spaghetti alla Chitarra are a long, square shaped pasta. Historically the dough was cut with a tool called a “Chitarra” or “Guitar”, which consisted of a wood frame that had thin steel wires pulled tightly across. The typical topping for this shape is a meat sauce or a tomato sauce with meatballs. This pasta is also excellent with a tomato sauce with eggplants.

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Linguine - Pasta Portoghese


Linguine are a variety of pasta originally from Liguria, a long, narrow, flat noodle. They pair wonderfully with sauces with fresh tomato, vegetables and herbs or with spicy sauces prepared with EVOO, garlic, crushed red pepper, anchovies, etc, as well as sauces with any shellfish or seafood.

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Fettucce - Pasta Portoghese


From the long noodle family, this form is particular with its coarseness and thickness typical of noodles that have been heavily pressed. Try it with meat sauces, venison or with sauces of shellfish or seafood.

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Bucatini - Pasta Portoghese


The Bucatini (also called Perciatelli) are originally from Rome and have a round, elongated shape with a hollow center. Its most famous dish is the Bucatini all’Amatriciana which is made with a tomato sauce and guanciale (cured pork cheek), however, this noodle is rather versatile and is also excellent with vegetable sauces prepared with tomato sauce, bell peppers, eggplant, zucchini, olive and capers.

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