The company was born in the ‘70s, after years of research and systematical studies on typical Italian food, shapes, packaging, names and the various systems of communication. The company began it’s adventure as a small biscuit factory with a line of traditional Tuscan cookies called “cantucci”, innovative in their shapes and flavors, however respecting the wholesome traditions, making everything by hand. Shortly after their mastery of the “cantucci”, they started to produce high-quality, artisanal pasta. In the time the company has grown they have always maintained the respect for the traditional methods, as important parts of the process continue to be done manually.

The company’s main objective is to preserve the ancient Italian tastes and the culinary traditions of the renowned  Mediterranean diet, while remaining an industry leader in terms of standards and certifications. Over the years Pasta Michele Portoghese has become synonymous with high quality, wholesome, artisanal products. The production includes three lines: cookies, snacks and pasta.


The Cookie Line is there for you in every moment of the day, from your morning breakfast to your after dinner treat.

For breakfast we suggest our traditional cookies, made with fresh eggs and no hydrogenated fats, which are available in three versions; whole wheat, chocolate and cornmeal. Each of their distinct flavors goes perfectly with either a cup of coffee or a glass of milk. At tea time, another harmonious pairing is our soft “cantucci” with either candied orange, sun-dried raisins, or chocolate chips.

With our Classic Cantucci we were able to create the best balance between crispness and friability; dipping this almond cookies in the Tuscan sweet wine, “vin santo”, is a must-have traditional Tuscan dessert.